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clovepod's Journal
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Date:2011-01-26 21:45
Subject:9Westy For Sale

1982 VW Vanagon, Westfalia (camper), diesel

$2500 OBO

I have been in the process of turning 9 Westy into an art car for
several years. I am expecting, so I won't be able to finish the
project, and I need to sell the vehicle.


All camper equipment is intact. I have replaced the curtains (but
retained the originals) and replaced the foam and upholstery for the
lower bed with new high density foam pads. The upper bunk is original
and in excellent condition.

I have not used any of the propane equipment. The previous owner said
that the propane tank had been reconditioned. I have used the fridge
on both 12 V DC and 110 V AC electrical and it worked fine.

The camper pop-top and forward luggage rack have been removed from the
Westy, and are intact and in good condition. The pop-top canvas is
usable but I was planning to replace it.


I haven't started the vehicle in a few years. Until that time, it was
in running condition and may still be. Maintenance and repair work has
been performed by a factory trained VW mechanic, and includes: oil
pressure switch replaced, brake line replaced, ignition switch replaced,
valve cover gasket replaced (and various engine parts cleaned and
painted), and more. I have receipts for maintenance and repairs

The engine is a factory reconditioned engine.

The dash has been removed, but is intact and can be re-installed.


To turn the Westy into an art car, I have been in the process of removing
the paint, bondo, primer and galvanizing layer from the body of the van.
Most of the van (approximately 70%) is bare metal at this point.
There are areas of rust penetration on the body.

Most of the bolt-on parts on the van exterior have been removed and
bagged with their hardware. This includes mirrors, lights, bumpers, etc.


The van is located in a garage near downtown Durham. The buyer will
need to provide a way to tow it. The camper top is one block from the
van, and the camper top, forward luggage rack and a few miscellaneous
interior parts are stored at my house. The camper top is heavy, and
will require several adults to lift.

I am happy to share more details or answer questions about the
mechanical condition of the van, or what I planned to do with the

To find out more about diesel vanagons, see the Yahoo! group
Diesel-Vanagon. http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/Diesel-Vanagon/

Many photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/spacegrrl/sets/1673873/

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Date:2010-11-18 21:07
Subject:Dear internets,

I suppose it's time I let you know... I'm going to have a baby, come next spring.


* Not too sick, but lots of stomachaches in the evenings in the first three months. It's kinda better now.

* Yes, we'll probably find out the sex.

* May 14th.

So, well... now you know.

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Date:2010-08-29 08:39
Subject:painted and repaired.

see before: Paint and Repairs

and the lovely, lovely after:

new gate, new siding, new paint!

red door!


We even washed the windows:

clean windows

So far this year we have...

  • Had an underground oil tank removed
  • replaced the gate to the back yard
  • had all the windows restored to working order, cleaned and painted
  • had a damaged part of the house re-built
  • had all the gutters replaced
  • replaced the door to the screen porch

plus numerous small repairs and projects. at the moment, J is stripping and restoring all the HVAC registers, which are pretty gross with paint and rust.

and there's oh so much more to do...

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Date:2010-07-31 23:03
Subject:paint and repairs

it's definitely time for some paint work:

Definitely time for paint

on one part of the house, the painter also found some rot. he's also a carpenter so on his recommendation, i asked him to take out the rot and repair the damage.

it started with just the corners and the top...

rot removed

and then he realized that the brick veneer wasn't attached, it was just kind of balancing on the foundation and lightly held in place by the rotting siding that had been removed.

so i gave the go-ahead to take off the brick.

let's take the brick off too.

which is going to allow him to access all the water damaged structural areas:

water damage

water damage

it looks like bad flashing around the chimney allowed water to move along the chimney and soak the wood repeatedly. i think a bad gutter was also to blame - it soaked the ground, water moved up through the masonry and soaked the wood at the bottom.

the flashing has been fixed - in fact the rotted out wood was all dry despite a good rain the day before - and the gutters will be replaced.

i'll also be getting rid of the obnoxious herringbone brick veneer, which never looked right.

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Date:2010-07-31 17:11
Subject:Your complete 1978 lifestyle

As you pull up to your contemporary-style house:

Like it's 1978

In your brand new Honda CVCC hatchback - super fuel efficient!

1978 Honda

You're listening to The Cars:

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Date:2010-07-28 22:38
Subject:Strange week

Several things are different this week.

J is taking a class - where I work! So we eat lunch together every day. He gets amazing catered food served on a white table cloth, I carry my cafeteria lunch (which is also quite good, I should note) up to his "reserved" area and sneak a place at the table where all the students are eating. But they all are curious when they find out I'm an employee.

Things are being done to the house!

New gate

This is our new gate. I really loved the old gate and felt it was part of the charm of the house, so I asked them to reproduce it exactly. The old gate was next to some crappy fencing; they improved over the original by carrying the scalloped design into some picket fencing. This will all be painted white (except for the beautiful redwood post caps, which I'd like to seal) - by the painter! Who is starting tomorrow and will scrape and paint all the peeling wood on the windows and everywhere else.

I'm shooting video! At work!

Work is pretty cool right now

I'm in charge of a project to produce four video tutorials for our intranet. We're doing them in the style of old educational films. It's a really fun project. We were lucky to find a room in our building that is perfect and almost never used.

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Date:2010-07-27 23:52
Subject:Effective methods: indoor s'mores in the summer

With heat indexes well over 100 all weekend, building a fire in the fireplace was right out of the question.

We didn't really want to go outside, either. Even at night.

We wanted s'mores, though, and although I am sure we're not the first to hit upon this, it was a novel idea to both of us: roast the marshmallows over candles.

candle s'mores!

Fondue forks make an excellent way to hold the marshmallows over the flame. They don't get quite as hot all the way through as they do over a big fire, but this method is fairly effective. And delicious!

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Date:2010-07-24 22:20
Subject:Living like it's 1978 - Five Oaks Clubhouse

I love contemporary style buildings that look like they were built around 1978. I also love a lot of music that was recorded in 1978. I'm not sure exactly what I was up to in 1978 but clearly, the world made a big impression on me when I was nine years old.

Like it's 1978

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Date:2010-07-20 23:24
Subject:Many hands make light work!

I am looking for some help in lifting the top off the van later this week. It's too heavy for J and I alone to get it down and carry it to my house. If you're local and would be willing to help out, maybe Thursday evening, please get in touch.

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Date:2010-07-13 19:00
Subject:fun at work

i have an unusual project at work right now - shooting video tutorials. the boring tutorial part is being dressed up with some distracting, creative stuff to suck people in. it's immensely fun. and i get to use video editing software and really make good use of the Mac i have at work. i can't imagine tackling this project with a windows box. i'm sure it can be done, but i wouldn't know how to do it, and i wouldn't already have all the software i need.

once upon a time i wanted to be a filmmaker. that didn't happen, but i wonder now if i missed becoming a film editor. i don't really have a strong enough eye to be a good cinematographer or even director, but i'm pretty detail oriented and i generally find editing to be quite enjoyable. it's the same combination of creative and technical that i find satisfying in web work. who knows?

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Date:2010-07-12 23:40
Subject:welcome to the modern age.

after many years of waiting and much debate over technical merits and philosophical problems with the various vendors, J and i are now owners of those modern day marvels, "smart phones".

indeed yes, they are iphones.

theoretically they are on trial in our household; we have thirty days to return them for a full refund and cancellation of contract. however, after only a day i am already in love with mine and things would have to take quite a downturn for me to return the thing.

here are the two experiences that really turned my head...

1) shooting a video and editing it on the phone. eleven years ago i did this the old fashioned way, with a big camera, tapes, and a copy of final cut "borrowed" from a filmmaker friend. i scored web streaming hosting for free via other friends. the thought of accomplishing all of this so casually on a little slab of glass that i carry in my pocket makes my mind melt.

2) walking the dog in a new neighborhood. we routinely scout neighborhoods where we might like to live. i used the maps and directions function to navigate to the neighborhood, then we planned our route through the neighborhood using the map. since i'm incredibly directionally challenged while on foot, i appreciated having a map with my current location right in my pocket. it was so bloody hot, i really didn't want to miss a turn while on foot and get lost. the real killer was that as we were walking i was able to bring up the online listings for houses we saw that were on the market.

there's also been lots of fun and goofiness with the video calling, camera and being able to check things on the internet wherever we are.

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Date:2010-04-08 12:14
Subject:the weekly grind

lisa sanding

we've decided that we can't do much more paint removal without taking out the windows and taking off the bumpers and pop-top. which is a big stage, one i've been anticipating for... well, years.

it gets complicated... we have to make a rack to store the glass in, and hope it doesn't break during removal, storage or replacement. the pop top might take several people to remove and the garage is going to get crowded with all the stuff taken off the van.

we're also approaching the point where i need to make some artistic decisions. we could put a pattern of marks in the metal before the final coating is put on; i need to figure out what, if anything, i want to do about that.

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Date:2010-02-07 00:15
Subject:so that was a busy day

today we

looked at my christmas present, which is now ready. it's *beautiful* and perfect. it's furniture.

drove out to my company for a special walk - through the woods behind my building, where i discovered recently you can get a pretty good view of the solar farm if you make it up this one really steep hill. it's such a nice place to walk. i really consider the campus to be one of the side benefits of working there.

drove around and looked at some neighborhoods i've recently become intrigued with, and saw some incredible houses.

had sandwiches at parker & otis.

inspired by reading vintage vivant i bid on an inexpensive vintage silk slip on ebay.

cleared a lot of residual clutter that's been hanging out in the bedroom for the last year and moved furniture around to accommodate my birthday present. this feels like a big accomplishment to me after having this stuff sitting there in my way and bugging me for so long.

one category of stuff i had to deal with in the bedroom is costume jewelry from one of my grandmothers. i realized a few things; first, that any clutter tendencies i have, i come by honestly. she had a LOT of jewelry. second, frankly some of it was just crap - broken, earrings without mates, cheap bits of plastic, findings that are showing signs of corrosion.

i found i was able to sort through it fairly dispassionately. i threw away the things that were no longer usable. most of it i will offer to a friend who makes jewelry to see if she can harvest from or remix any of it. anything she doesn't want i'll give to goodwill.

i'm still left with a pretty impressive collection. much of it is clip on or screw on earrings, which i won't wear. i'm hoping to convert some over to pierced earrings and some to brooches.

after getting the bedroom ready for the new furniture we went to WFM for a few things then made dinner.

now i'm super tired. whew.

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Date:2010-02-04 23:23
Subject:okay, and i have to talk about the weather.

some more. i used to love: rain, snow, winter.

we've been getting a LOT of all three the last couple of weeks and i HATE it now. this doesn't mean i'm going to go sun myself on the beach, ever, but i'm kinda wishing it would warm up, dry out, and start looking a little greener outside.

WHO have i BECOME???

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Date:2010-02-04 23:01
Subject:it's drooling time again...

the fluevog spring 2010 shoes are starting to appear on their web site, so commence to droolin'...



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Date:2010-02-04 23:01

i just realized that i cut the link between my blog and LJ the other day because it stopped working for some reason. i've been blogging my little heart out over at spacepod.org if anyone's interested.

i'm going to try and remember to manually post in both places from here on out. long live LJ.

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Date:2010-01-29 00:06

What is FWDFA?



and it's threatening our town!!


you must be fully prepared to make french toast if you cannot leave your house!


okay, more seriously, i am fearing a days-long power outage. we've made our preparations (which did not involve either milk or eggs, but did include a 40 lb bag of salt, which will last us for the rest of our lives, most likely, given the infrequency of ice storms in central NC).

if things go well and we just get a nice snow, i plan to try my hand at waffles made with a yeast batter. how lovely to have several inches of snow, no power outage, and fresh hot waffles!


and in other, other news, style blogs have become my favorite places on the internet to visit. i even found one that's local; it's fun to guess where all the locations are in their photos.

while i'm tempted to join the style blogging fray, this might be one internet group that i'll just choose to lurk on, mostly. i've joined plenty of online groups in my time going back to the early 90's and i'm not sure i have it in me to join another. plus, posting photos of myself all the time would just feel... vain, i guess.

somewhat related, fluevog has been running a series called "everyday shoes" via twitter and facebook; people who own lots of fluevogs post photos of themselves wearing a different pair every day for a month. these photos don't usually include the wearer's face, so if i had enough fluevogs, i could do that and it would be a fun challenge.

so, i have been asked many times how many fluevogs i have. well, that's a trick question because i own at least one pair that i'll never be able to wear comfortably (they're a size too small, and i keep them on display at all times). there are a few pairs that require the attention of a good cobbler before they'll be wearable again. but assuming i had those pairs repaired... well, i don't quite have a month's worth, although I almost have a non-leap February's worth. I could do it if it were only weekdays, or if I recruited a couple of local pinch-hitters.

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Date:2010-01-08 14:04
Subject:sunday brunch recommendations - raleigh?

we're looking for a nice place for brunch on a sunday in raleigh. waffles would be a huge bonus. suggestions?

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Date:2009-12-14 00:07
Subject:Effective Methods: Steak.

I've decided to start a new blog series called "Effective Methods". As many of you know, my husband is an engineer. Engineers are, I think, more born than made; they carry an engineering approach into everything they do. In J's case that means that many of our household processes are carefully engineered. I'd like to share some of those here.

The name "effective methods" comes from a conversation we had with Stephanie and Steph while traveling to Roswell one year in which one of us said about J, "his methods are effective." I remember the conversation being funny, but I can't remember any of the context. Anyway, the phrase stuck, and seems appropriate. His methods are effective.

Today's installment is about steak. If you're a vegetarian or squeamish about meat, my suggestion is that you skip this one.

Read more...Collapse )

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Date:2009-12-03 11:16

We got married on October 25th, 2009.


our wedding minister's blog entry about our wedding.

our photographer's blog entry about our wedding.

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